Bilib Ako Sayo

After losing his job for nearly losing a cargo of gold bars to hold-uppers. Gatdula found himself working as a bouncer in a night club. There, he meets and smitten by Varga, a college student forced by poverty to work as a ramp model.

But other men are also captivated by Varga’s charm and two of them are a cruel general and his equally cruel right-hand man, the two men turned out to be Gatdula’s rivals. They happen to be the master mind behind the attempted robbery that caused Gatdula to loose his job. Cast: Robin Padilla, Joyce Jimenez, Dennis Padilla, Eddie Gutierrez, Rustom Padilla, Ace Espinosa, Allan K.

Ang Titser Kong Pogi

Joey Perez, an undercover policeman goes to Subic as a kindergarten teacher to secretly investigate the case where he was framed up. He becomes attached to Cynthia, a co-teacher and Jimbo, his student who were both relatives of his suspects.

Later on, the suspects find out where he is and made plans to kill him. Not only Joey has to protect himself but also his subjects for him to prove his innocence. Directed by: Danilo Cabreira Cast: Bong Revilla Jr, Sunshine Cruz, Ruby Rodriguez, Jorge Estregan Jr, Dick Israel, Edgar Mande Tags: 1996, Bong Revilla Jr, Dick Israel, Edgar Mande, Jorge Estregan Jr, Ruby Rodriguez, Sunshine Cruz


Eugene Domingo as Violy, a mortuary make-up artist who just wants to have kids and is blessed with triplets in the person of AJ Perez as the male in the triplets and Andi Eigenmann who plays a dual role. Violy becomes very successful in her field as a mortuary make up artist and eventually owns a funeral parlor of her own. However, her success with business is quite the opposite when it comes to her children. Her triplets have different personalities.

Violy’s bestfriend which is John Lapus knows her life very well, he even knew who the father of Violy’s children were. One day, a man came to Violy’s funeral parlor, played by Diether Ocampo, and asking for a second chance to Violy. Could he be the father of her triplets? Will there be a reconciliation between the two? Directed By: Joel Lamangan Cast: Eugene Domingo, John Lapus, Diether Ocampo, Carla Abellana, Andi Eigenmann


In a world ravaged by war, mankind¡¦s fate rests on the reluctant shoulders of one man, Exodus (Ramon ¡§Bong¡¨ Revilla, Jr.), a grim, unsmiling mercenary with extraordinary fighting skills and a murky past. It is Exodus who leads the surviving humans against the fearsome creatures of the dark, including Haring Bagulbol, an all-powerful being who is bent on humankind¡¦s annihilation. Faced with certain death, the leaders of the city dispatch Exodus on a quest to the enchanted land to capture five elementals: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit to help him fight the creatures of darkness. Taking over these mythical elementals proves to be difficult and hazardous, but after exciting adventures and misadventures, Exodus manages to win them over.

Near the end, as one unified team, Exodus and the ementals take on Bagulbol in an awesome final battle. Will the goodness and light return to the world or will it be crushed and plunged forever into the eternal darkness of evil?


Synopsis: Tsardyer is about true to life story of a 10-year old Tausug boy that was used by the Abu Sayyaf group to charge their mobile phones below the mountains. Shihab, a young boy who needs to make it in time in the rebels camp before the battery of their next cellphone runs out.

However, things goes differently when one of the captives, a woman journalist, become friends with him and earns his trust. Shihab fears for the life of his new-found friend, and is now being caught between his loyalty to his Tausug brothers and the motherly compassion of the journalist. But when he heared the abductors plan to do to their prisoners, Shihab rushes not only to save them but to save war from erupting once again in the jungles of Jolo, Sulu. Cast: Martin De Los Santos, Neil Ryan Sese, Dimples Romana, Mon Confiado, Bombi Plata, Sharmaine Buencamino, Pipo Alfad Iii, Raul Morit, Dido De La Paz, Frank Corona, Jeff Fernandez, Gigi Pirote, Aileen Surian

Hari Ng Selda (Anak ni Baby Ama 2)

Anghel and Angelica are two people from two different worlds. Anghel is serving his sentece and is confined in the National Penitentiary while Angelica is a graduating student at the prime of her life. When she goes to the Penitentiary, she see Anghel and is intrigued by him. She learns that he is well respected by his mates and that his word is considered as law inside the Billibid. At first, Anghel is annoyed by her presence but he later grows fond of her. Eventually, the people around them notice the understanding and try to keep them apart.

Directed by Deo Fajardo Jr. Cast: Robin Padilla, Angelika dela Cruz, Johnny Delgado, Raven Villanueva, Rommel Padilla, Daria Ramirez

Who’s That Girl

“Who’s That Girl?” is a one-of-a-kind romantic-comedy movie about a girl who is an alleged mistress of a business tycoon, husband to Eugene Domingo’s character, and father to Luis Manzano’s character. Anne Curtis plays the role of Elizabeth Penrosa, a sexy lady, wallflower who’s main goal in life is to get the attention of Johnny Eduque (Luis Manzano), the son of a business tycoon.

One day, when Elizabeth saw the name of Johnny in an obituary, she immediately went to the wake and mistakenly identified the departed person to be “her” Johnny, the man of her dreams. Not knowing who’s wake it is, Elizabeth made a scene in the funeral and was instantly mistaken to be as “the other woman” of the departed business tycoon, father to Johnny Eduque. Without her knowledge, the departed was the senior John Eduque. The Eduque Family cannot accept this newly-created fact (that the father has a mistress) which made the mother (Eugene Domingo) experience depression and nervous breakdown. This incident and scandal in the Eduque family made Johnny swore to get the identity of the girl who ruined his family’s reputation and made her mother depress; and make her suffer. With the help of his assistant (John Lapus), Johnny finally finds out the identity of the girl and he is on with a plan that will make her pay for what she did to his family.

Spirit Warriors 2 The Shortcut

Continuing from where they last left off, In their search for an ancient mystical and powerful amulet, The Spirit Warriors come across a black hole to the Netherworld. Now that they found a way in, another problem arises on how to get back. Especially as the Netherworlds dark denizens flourished into action to give the spirit warriors a taste of their fearful never-land hospitality.

Director: Chito S. Roño Cast: Joel Torre, Jhong Hilario, Spencer Reyes, Vhong Navarro, Danilo Barrios, Chris Cruz, Meynard Marcellano, Sherwin Roux, Nikko Manalo, Michael Foz-Sesmundo, Denise Joaquin

Feng Shui

Who can refuse goodluck? Joy and her family have just moved into a new home, in a sparsely populated village. For them, it is a time for new beginneings– a new chance and a new hope. but what fortune awaits them.. and woe the tragedies to follow. On what should be the most unfortunate day of her life, Joy picks up a package left by a stranger in a bus. It is called “Ba-Gua”, (Feng Shui Mirror) an item that drives bad luck away.

Joy could not refuse the luck that continues to come her way until everything appears too good to be true. Unexplained events disturb her family’s peace. people start to die as well. Having been advised by the geomancer to simply say no to the next form of luck, all Joy could do now is wait. But what painful decision awaits her? Will Joy prevail or be consumed by the curse of the Bagua Mirror? Kris Aquino, Jay Manalo, Lotlot De Leon, Ilonah Jean, Jenny Miller, Gerard Pizarras, john Vladimir Manalo, Julianne Gomez, Ernest Sto. Tomas

Kailangan Kita

Celebrity chef Carl (Aga Muhlach) returns from New York to marry his supermodel fiancée, Chrissy (Rissa Samson). But the bride-to-be is delayed in Europe, and as Carl makes wedding plans with her family, he finds himself falling for Chrissy’s sister Lena (Claudine Barretto). Preparations for the nuptials progress, but will there still be a wedding? And if so, whose wedding will it be? Rory B. Quintos directs this romantic drama.